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There is no specific technical evaluation criteria per se. However, there are technical requirements that the applicants will need to comply with:


In fact, your proposal will be evaluated based on 4 criteria: Excellence, Impact, Feasibility and Sustainability. Further information on those can be found in the "Guidelines for SME and Large Business Applicants (or New City Applicants)" in the "Toolkit for Applicants" (link here).

In this sense, the technical jury will look at the technical excellence, technical impact (and KPIs associated to it), technical feasibility (how do you validate the SynchroniCity framework, how can you ensure replicability and reusability of your technology and solution,is this technical implementation realistic with the time, resource and team put in place, etc.) and technical sustainability.


  • Use of information provided by the Core Pilot Cities in which you want to pilot your solution through Synchronicity based common data models

  • Use SynchroniCity APIs to access data and security

You will be able to find this information soon on this site.

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