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Pilot Group: 3 SMEs

Challenge in 1 Core Pilot City (Antwerp)

Challenge in additional City (Oslo) - we do not need data from Oslo, we will generate new and own sets


(1) Is a letter of support from Oslo enough to fulfill the eligibility requirements?

(2) Must Oslo be part of the Pilot Group?
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Thanks for your questions.

1. A letter of support from Oslo is enough. However, the city must commit to adopt the SynchroniCity reference architecture. The City must also share the principles of the Open and Agile Smart Cities Network (OASC).  

2. Yes, Olso must be part of the Pilot Group.

Note that if you are not using any city data, you will need to make sure that the data that you are generating is compliant with SynchroniCity data models and the API in the SynchroniCity framework. In addition, this data will have to become city data. It will be mandatory that the data generated is provided to the City.

I hope this helps.

SynchroniCity Team

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